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The map of a whole Ibaraki

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Festivals or events around Mito City


  • from February 20th to
    March 31st
Plum festival in Kairakuen Park, Mito
Ume Festival, which has been held since 1896, is a big and historical event in Mito. There are about 1,000 Japanese plums in Kairakuen Park. When the plum season comes, special trains run within the park.


  • from late March to
Narcissuses Fantasies National Hitachi Seaside Park
More than 100 million, over 200 kinds of narcissuses are in all glory of the park every year. The landscape looks like a flower's carpet.


  • in early April
Cherry Tree Festival in Mito
There are eight sites, and we can enjoy illuminated cherry blossoms at Lake Senba, Mt. Sakura, etc. For more information (e.g. site), please refer to Mito Tourism Association.


  • from late April to
Ryujin Canyon Carp-shaped Streamers Festival
at Ryujin Big Bridge
In Ryujin Canyon Carp-shaped Streamers Festival, some wire ropes (length 1,000m) are stretched above Ryujin Dam which, is famous for one of the greatest spaciousness in the prefecture and is known for V-shaped valley. And“carp-shaped streamers to make a wish for children's healthy growth”, amounting to 1,000, which are sent from inside and outside of the prefecture, are schooling in sky.
  • Golden Week in May
Festival of Ceramics (Hi-matsuri)
The Festival of Ceramics, held at Kasama Forest Park of Arts, Kasama City during Golden Week every year, is the biggest event in Ibaraki Prefecture. There are about 330 thousand visitors in the event and more than 200 potteries and ceramic artists set up their own shop.

A festival and event scenery


  • in early August
Mitokoumon Festival
The Festival has been held on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August every year since 1961. During the festival, over 4,100 fireworks are squibbed above Lake Senba. In addition, there are various events such as Floats Festival, mikoshi, Mitokoumon Parade and citizen carnival.
  • August
Rock-in Japan Festival
Rock –in Japan Festival, held at Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka City, is the biggest outdoor rock festival in Japan. A lot of people all over Japan have collected for the major event every year since 2000.


  • from Mid-October to
    Late November
Chrysanth Festival at Kasama Inari Shrine is
the oldest chrysanth festival in Japan.
There exhibited about 8,000 pots of chrysanth flowers such as chrysanthemum figures, and standing chrysanths, chrysanths hanging over bluff, Senrinzaki and chrysanths for bonsai.


  • from early December to
Fantasy Mito Starlight Fantasy
Tower, buildings and trees in Mito Arts Complex, and Clock Tower and zelkova trees in the open space, the north exit of Mito Station, are colored with inestimable illumination. During the event, Christmas concert and Countdown & Happy New Year are held.

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