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About the interior designer John David Edison

Mito Plaza Hotel and the ancient city Kyoto.

John David EdisonJohn David Edison

Probably, you think that there is no relation between Mito Plaza Hotel and the ancient city Kyoto, however the idea is true. It is manifested by the American inventor T.A.Edison who gave birth to filament lamp. But he was annoyed with the invention and looked for the filament’s material which can give out light for a long time. Then he met a bamboosmade in Hachiman, Kyoto. By this fateful encounter, he finally succeeded in completing the filament lamp. In Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine, Hachiman City, there is the Edison Commemoration honoring such achievement. Now, the bamboo continues to live on the ground of Kyoto, watching for this Edison Commemoration. In addition, another intellectual gene also remains in existence there. The name of the man who has such a great gene is J.D.Edison. As a great-grandson of T.A.Edison, the interior designer took charge Mito Plaza Hotel. On the renewal project of this hotel, Grandeur and Coloring became so important task. He might inherit his great-grandfather’s memories and gene. Mirrors on wall used in lobby and indirect illumination on poles bring the image of red shrine gates standing against mountain top. By such rendition, grand atmosphere so that we can go through those gates and comfortable feeling of tension are produced in the lobby. On the other hand, another task shapes building’s interior into impressive one by bold use of color as Japanese ancient method. Japanese essence constantly appears and disappears in the space of Mito Plaza Hotel. There are lattice patterns at intervals. The pattern of tatami is arranged into western style, which makes a modern impression. Thus, Mito Plaza Hotel fusing together Japanese and Western motifs gives travelers comfort and excitement, as if filament light gives out soft light.

Hotel concept
2078-1 Senba-cho,Mito-shi,Ibaraki 310-0851,Japan
TEL.81-29-305-8111 FAX.81-29-305-8520

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